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John Calligan | Instructor

John Calligan has studied martial arts for many years under a number of exceptional masters including Grand Masters Y.C. Kim and Retired Sgt. Major John Powell. Focusing on self defense through the practice of freestyle sparring, John Calligan is offering his system of American Karate. Based on Master LaDale Allen’s Broken Rhythm and Science which he began studying in 2002 while training at the Brown Institute of Martial Arts under Guru Jeff Brown in several systems, John Calligan’s American Karate is a no-nonsense blend of modern MMA and ancient systems of self defense designed to strongly develop you into a real martial artist, eventually participating in kick boxing, weapon or MMA sparring.

John Calligan is an ACE certified personal trainer and continues to practice kick boxing and submission grappling.


This has been a phenomenal way for me to be held accountable to not only have a GREAT workout, but also helps with focus and mental clarity. Since I started doing classes at Broadwing Martial Arts at the beginning of 2013, I have more energy, my body is more toned, and I have a great way to relieve stress, not to mention the fact that my confidence has dramatically increased!

Audrey G.